Post production studios in Mumbai

We are a new age post-production studios in Mumbai that explores Video and audio media. We emphasize developing your concepts and turning your visualization into reality through sound. We are committed to delivering standardized industry work. Our team professionals derive from executing creative projects.

We cherish turning your ideas into immersive sound, be it films, documentaries, VR, or advertisements. We specialize in post-production services such as editing, dubbing, foley, sound design, music, voiceovers, etc.

Our Post Production Services

Sync Sound




Sound Design

5.1 Surround Sound

Final Mixing

Music Recording,Mixing and Mastering

How we work?

After you have completed filming, our Work will begin. The project is moved to the Post-Production Stage. At this stage, we edit music mixing, color grading, and other items that transform your original material into an elegant cinematic work. We can guarantee that your viewers will be delighted with your work!

Managing Raw Footage

At this stage, we review all the footage, categorize it and begin selecting the shots you want to will be used to make the final video.

Extensive Sound Design

We also offer a range of sound design and production services, such as the composition of music, mixing and editing of sound.

Adding Visual Effect

It’s now time to add any visual effects. After the sound mix is created , its time to add visual effects. This can include the addition of effects wherever they were planned out in the pre-production phase and any effects discussed during that time.

Creating Lower Third

At this stage, text is added onto an image or shot positioned in the lower third of the screen. Lower thirds are designed to communicate information and must be as low in distraction as they can be.

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